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I use RSS feeds extensively to follow the tech news. I love Google Reader and i’ve been using it since forever. But lately i realized that i didn’t have much experience in tweaking the settings. I didn’t feel the urge to go into settings and manage my subscriptions. Until 10 ten days ago.

I decided to eliminate some feeds because they seemed to be inactive for a long time. So i clicked on Manage subscriptions link which, by the way has a horrible place from a UI standpoint. It is not even always visible. When you hover on feeds the URL of the feed covers the button.

Google Reader

After fiddling a little with the labels, I made a horrible mistake: I selected all items and clicked Unsubscribe. As one may easily guess, it deleted all my subscriptions.

Google Reader

I had an OPML backup long ago but i don’t even know where it is now. Even if I looked for and found it would probably be out-dated beyond use. Lesson learnt: Start backing up RSS feeds regularly and automatically. While i was desperately pondering what i should do to recover my beloved little messengers, it hit me! I had an application on My iPad called Mr. Reader. It syncs with Google Reader so i also had my entire list of feeds on my iPad. I was hoping the app to support OPML exports so that everything would get back to normal in 5 minutes. Unfortunately, it didn’t! At least i was lucky that iPad was offline at the moment so it couldn’t sync and kept my feeds on the device. (Needless to say, i immediately turned off network access, quarantining my list!) I contacted the support of app’s company, which is the developer himself and he was very kind to respond quickly and offering me a few solutions. One of them was extracting the data from iPad by using a tool called JuicePhone (http://www.addpod.de/juicephone). It’s a free application. I installed it to my Mac immediately, hooked up my iPad and extracted all my data from it. Lesson learnt: Start backing up iPad regularly via JuicePhone as well as iTunes.

After a quick examination, I found out that the app is using an SQLite database to store its data. I downloaded SQLite Expert (http://www.sqliteexpert.com)

sqlite expert

It has a free version called Personal Edition and it seems to have a quite nice UI. Browsing through tables and viewing their data I felt quite relieved when I saw that the list of my feeds safe and sound.

sqlite expert

Now that I have all my feeds, I think it’s a great chance to organize and add or remove them controllably. By the way, after I completed getting my list I sent an email to the author of the app thanking and telling him that i managed to extract my data. A few days later the software updated itself mentioning some change about database. Then i added a new feed and applied the same steps above, to use if it still works, but the database seemed to be the same. I mean the app synced and deleted all my subscriptions and added the new test feed. But the list on the table is the same as before. Maybe he decided to keep its data privately somewhere else to keep it from people like me. Anyway, his advice worked out for me perfectly so I thank him again from here.

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Recently I was looking for a software to manage my backups. I came across GoodSync. (http://www.goodsync.com/). It is very effective and supports a wide variety of channels. (I will try to review GoodSync and my other favorite tools in detail in another blog post.)

After the trial period, it started to impose limitations. Since I was happy with the tool I decided to purchase it. It’s not very pricey. I think it well deserves $30 but they also provide another option which is called pay by TrialPay.

I vaguely remembered the term when I saw it. But i had never tried or examined it thoroughly before. Basically there are a list if options to select from such as subscribing a service or buying a product. After you select one and complete the required steps you wait until TrialPay confirms it. And after that, voila! They send you your product key and that’s it. Of course, if the TrialPay offers don’t tickle your fancy you might find it wasteful but the for me the list was quite attractive. For example, one offer was to try usenet.nl free 14-day trial. I subscribed for free and i got a license for GoodSync now. Also, another nice offer is registering at GoDaddy and making a purchase of at least $5. I used this offer too to buy another software. Since i was already planning to buy a few domain names, the timing couldn’t be better. And it didn’t take much to convince my brother to signup as long as i will be paying

So, from now on whenever I see a TrialPay option, I will jump right in to see the available offers at the moment. If you’re interested in purchasing GoodSync via TrialPay here’s the link:


UPDATE: Link above is removed as it was broken

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In my last post I mentioned how I got irritated by constantly masking passwords and not providing any alternative way to reveal them at will. I was planning to write a Firefox add-on to change the behaviour of password fields but I found an add-on already written to do this which can be found here. Apparently I’m not the only person having such feelings towards masked passwords