Hobby Programming

21/07/2018 Fitness, Rowing, Concept2 Row Against the Machine: Getting Rowing Data Out of Concept2 Model C  
12/12/2017 Google Cloud, Speech-to-Text Playing with Google Speech API  
05/09/2017 Synology DIY Streaming Service with Synology  
28/01/2016 Fitness, C#, Fitbit Aria Weight Tracking with Fitbit Aria  
18/01/2016 Fitness, C#, Microsoft Band Playing with Microsoft Band  
07/03/2015 AWS Route 53, Raspberry Pi, Calibre, Python Portable Online Library with Calibre and Raspberry Pi  
12/02/2015 Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi 2: First Impressions  
21/01/2015 Gadgeteer .NET Gadgeteer (Part 1 of n)  
12/12/2014 Raspberry Pi, Physical Security, Powershell Homebrew Security Camera with Raspberry Pi  
19/11/2014   Media Centre with Raspberry Pi