Synchronizing Windows Live Writer with Dropbox

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I like Windows Live Writer and I use it for blogging. The problem is I start multiple posts at once, take some notes on them and save them as drafts. Sometimes when I’m on a different machine I want to add some notes on the existing drafts but (you guessed it) the drafts are saved locally on a different machine. I already have Dropbox installed almost on my machines so I decided to harness it to the task.

STEP 01: Delete the My Blog Posts folder in the destination machine. The local folder is created automatically under %UserProfile%\Documents\My Weblog Posts. Delete this folder. Make sure LiveWriter is closed before deleting it.

STEP 02: Create a directory junction A directory junction is a mapping to another folder. In Windows 7 you can use mklink command to create directory junctions (as well as symbolic and hard links)

mklink /D "%UserProfile%\Documents\My Weblog Posts" {PATH_TO_DROPBOX_ROOT}\My Weblog Posts"

Enter the correct path to your dropbox folder and that’s it. Now you can enjoy the ease of synchronized blog drafts.