Using Dymo LabelWriter 450 with a Raspberry Pi

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I have a Dymo LabelWriter 450 for years and I love using it. Especially it worked a miracle recently when I organised all ny shelves and bagged and labelled everything. To have the ability of keeping the printer online all the time and print easily I decided to plug it in a Raspberry Pi and share over the network. The steps below explain how it can be done easily:

Step 01: Plug in the printer to the Pi via USB

Simply plug it in and power it on.

Step 02:

  • Click Pi -> Preferences -> Add / Remove Software
  • Search “dymo”
  • Tick the checkbox next to “printer driver for DYMO label printers”
  • Click Apply and wait for the installation to complete

Step 03: Configure printer

  • On the Pi itself, open a browser and go to “http://localhost:631”

  • Click Administration and Add Printer. In the username/password prompt, use the account you used to log in (most likely username “pi”)

  • You should see DYMO printer in the list of Local Printers

  • Change the name of the printer if you like and click Continue

  • Change the drivers if it’s incorrect and click Add Printer

  • Accept or modify the default options and click Set Default Options

  • Confirm the printer is listed in the printers list

Step 04: Share the printer

  • Click Pi -> Preferences -> Print Settings

  • From Printer menu select Shared to share it over the network

Step 05: Setup client machine

Option 1: Add network printer

  • Download and install DYMO software
  • Upon first run, application asks to run Add Network Printer Utility
  • Click Yes

For me, this method did work on one machine and did not work on another one. So for the other machine I used Option 2

Option 2: Add printer using OS’s add printer functionality

I used a Mac for this but should be similar on Windows.

  • Search for Printers & Scanners
  • Click + button
  • It should show the printer on the network:

Step 06: Test

Now that printer is recognized on the client machine, just design your labels and print using DYMO Label app.